Batch MX Lookup Tool

MX Lookup Tool

Enter primary domain names into the tool below. For example, Please, in most cases, you will want to remove the ‘www.’ from the domain before entering it into the tool. Hence, should be changed to Unless the email address format of the domain is [email protected].

You can enter completely unformatted data, and the tool will extract all domains from the pasted data to process. See the video below for an example.

To use the MX Lookup tool, enter a domain name or multiple domain names into the box above, click MX Lookup and the MX Records for the entered domains will be displayed. Along with the MX records will be the priority of the record. Once the MX Records for the entered domains are returned, you can export the results to .csv file directly from the results list.

If you wish to process a list too large for the site or require further functionality above the website, try our Desktop application. More details

The MX records for a domain name specify how email should be routed with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

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