MXLookups Windows App


The windows executable is best for batch process domains to resolve to MX Records, from web scrapes, spreadsheets, copy and paste or other un-formatted data in larger amounts than the website. You’ll need a decent machine to realistically process millions of results as it will get a little memory hungry.

The MX Lookup software simplifies the process of looking up a large number of MX records at once.

The tool can be used to process large lists of email addresses or domain names. The software will resolve each item in turn, returning the MX record and Email vendor (eg. Messagelabs, Mimecast, Google Postini…..) which are sortable and exportable to .csv file.

Optionally the tool can also perform other functions, such as retrieving a Telnet response and other DNS query types.

Loading the initial data is simple, either load directly from a .csv or text file, or simply paste data straight into the application. a editable regular expression is used to detect matching email addresses or domains from the document each result is loaded and extra data is ignored.

This application has a number of common uses, such as resolving contact list information to validate contact email domains. Vendor lookup for marketing to specific vendors customer base. List management and sorting, de-duplication or anything you need it for.


rar archive containing .exe
  • .rar file MXlookups.1.6.rar – Download

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